Stop using Crack/Cocaine and Reclaim your life

    * Simple to read and understand

                  I identify
    * 7 types of users
                 describe the

    * 2 year recovery process
                 and how it goes 

    * through 5 stages.
                 I have

    * written this book                 

                primarily for the users, 
                          Crack, Cocaine,

               Speed any stimulant

    * It will aid                                       
                          and Professionals       
                             concerned with helping   
                               Crack/Cocaine users.

                       Louise Clarke Bsc (Hons) Psychology

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Customer review

'Very well written and easy to relate to. Lots of information. I am not the addict but the girlfriend of the addict. He is currently in rehab and he read a few pages of it and liked it. This book will help the addict and the loved ones.'

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Customer review

'Really helpful I would recommend it to anyone with a cocaine or crack problem or even for people that want to understand it better. Straight forward and insightful. I've seen the you tube videos as well and the author is sincere in wanting to help people. She knows her stuff!'

                        Women and Crack : Responding to need:
Positive steps to help break women's cycles of addiction to crack-cocaine

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Women and Crack : Responding to need
       ( for service/treatment providers)

Introducing a unique book written for Professionals in contact with Women Crack/Cocaine users.

Bringing understanding of the Female users needs and offering greater understanding of the addiction to both Crack and Cocaine; along with the whole range of drugs often used alongside or primarily.
Offering treatment methods and goal plans.

Originally this book accompanied the one day training I offered called 

'Women and Crack: Responding to need'

                                    It covers:-
                   * Myths and stereotypes

                   * simplification of the brain chemistry involved

                   * Health and medical aspects

                   * an outline of the 5 stage Recovery process;
                      I came to know

                   * Treatment plans, Goals

                                    and much more

Men and Crack: Uncovered, (a book for service and treatment providers)

This publication was produced in 2000 to aid the one days training on 'Men and Crack: Uncovered' - provided by Higher Insight, a unique training service for professionals in contact with male users of crack-cocaine. The training provided genuine insight into the realities faced by men using crack and practical strategies for an effective response. Written in a non-academic style it including ways to address cravings and also outlines the 5 stages of recover I come to recognize users go through. To create appropriate policies for care plans, service providers need to understand the nature of crack addiction, and its impact on all aspects of Men's lives.

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Jei Wei Xiao Yao Wan

(single bags/sachet)

Jei Wei Xiao Yao Wan
 (Bottle of 200 balls )

Chinesee                     Herbs                                            

Chinese Herbs
Detoxing from
     any drug

       Ginseng Royal Jelly
oral liquid 10 x 10 ml vials
                   in a box


A book written for  Cocaine users to help themselves get free from the drug

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How to stop using Cocaine and reclaim your life.

Insight into Darkness : Poetic Truth

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Insight into Darkness Poetic Truth is an expression of some of the darkest aspects of our world. The poetic framework serves as a safety valve for the author to express some of their deepest pains through on topics of Government Mind Control, MK Ultra and the inpact it has had on hers and other survivors lifes. Many of these poems were firstly presented online, under the same name title; where they were recieved very well by the public and consequently led to the publication of this book. The author herself is a survivor of Government Mind Control programming, who pioneered and led development of services in Britain for Crack Cocaine users. Through setting up her own independent Drug service 'Higher Insight', she encountered much interference and obstruction and come to learn of Trauma based Mind Control, Gang stalking and Occult practices used in conjunction with to maintain control of all programmed individuals.


Sex and drugs And Rabbit holes – My experience with Mind control slaves hidden in the British ‘Care’ System

A biographical account of my experiences encountered within the care avenues of the drugs field ,leading me down warrens hidden deep beneath a veil of ‘care’ , into realms of paedophile rings , occult practices , gang stalking, and trauma based mind control. Only to find that all avenues for justice are closed off with red tape. I also give my overall view of the picture beneath the veil and some solutions uncovered. Along with the many poems I wrote in moments of grief and enlightenment.

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