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Link to my alternative website

excellent video from Fiona Barnett                                             

Ritual Abuse, Mind Control & DID: How to Integrate

Gay Trans, Mind Control agenda page
shows how all under Masonic manipulation The Rainbow Girls are teen Masons who will go on to join the Eastern star, a Womens Masonic order.
Feminism Agenda was created and funded by the Rockerfellers
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I have various symptoms and no diagnosis, still don't really.,,,well not on no one wants to say what is , only test test test,,,,,,and meanwhile I am to help myself, with brain scaring ,,,,and a deformed spine, and muscle weakness and more.
Hence I decided to make a blog on my medical side to life, and then could maybe reach some sort of recognised health issue. Click on my brain image to access the blog records.

 hear me feel me ......with lyrics ..on how to deprogram own

This song I co-wrote with the Mother of the child who's deprogramming can be read above.

I also have a blog I wrote re her memories.

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TICK TOCK An awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

There is a tale to tell of snakes and dragons, the red dragon. Of the mincing of meat and the stringing of words. Of dark agendas that echo through the tunnels below. Of spinning lights, shocks and induced distortions. Of children. Of caves and candles and vile lusts of the flesh and desires of the spirit. The breaking of bones within the circle and its hidden cages. Of mutton cloth and midnight ventures. Of authorities that bind and secrets kept. Possessing and possessed. It’s a tale of those parallel, those intertwined, those physical and that which binds. That which is hidden, that which is purposed and the eye that sees.

MK Ultra : The Gate keeper explained.

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