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Paedo /Traffickering & British Care system

Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System

(part 1 of 9) Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System

(part 3 of 9 ) Childs returned from care brought systematic harrassment: British Paedophile case

(part 2 of 9) Systematic oppression, Interception/Interference in British paedophiles

(part 5 of 9) Tony Blair told of obstruction and failings by paediatricians; British Paedophile case

(part 4 of 9) Statutory services collectively create case out of thin air; British Paedophile case

Case Evidence that statatory Matrix Protects the Paedo Industry via Care System

The first 6 parts 0f 9 in one video as youtube somehow is morthing my individual video's

(part 6 of 9) De-registration gained without justice and much intimidation;British paedophile case

(part 8 of 9) Gang stalking aspects of the paedophile ring hidden within the British care system

part 9 British care system returned child programmed a mind control slave, deprograming was esential

How to protect children from ‘Child Protections’ hidden child trafficking rings

Sex and Drugs and Rabbit holes :
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Home Education made easy


Home educating for age 0 - 11 made easy


Abacus's and work books for sale

How to deal with occult attacks, demons/jinns

Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS's Tactics to Kidnap Children

I am sick of the bullshit.....
together we have the info............children , thousands ,,,go missing through the care system every year,,,,,,,,,,,,
time to give them a voice,,,
where are they, dead or in cages or where,,,,,,,,,,,,,

we got bullshit spun with real childrens suffering,,,,,,spun not for the childrens voice to be heard,nnoooooooooo
but to spin vortexes
satanic vortexes
that collect energy ,,,,for satan via the spin
whether you spin the vortex by playing into the theatre spun by the spin puppets,,,,,,,,directed by the puppeteers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,instructed by the puppet masters ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and spinning the bullshit,,,,or you stand up and speak out against the bullshit,,,,,using the stage show titles,,,,,,you add your energy to the vortex the satanist create,,,,,,,,,

meanwhile the children aint getting heard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where are the children................

child trafficking is what this world runs on,,,,they fuel our world,,,,,,are traded for weapons and drugs,,,,for BLack ops.,,,,

meanwhile black ops is spun as a game,,,,,,,,,,,,,F,F,S........

this aint no f'ing game,,,,,children are suffering horrific abuse,,,and no one seems to care,.....and then puppet shows are spun in order to round up those who care and attach their energies to the vortex created,,,,I have had enough,,,,,,so,,,,lets try and get some facts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not theatre,,,,,,,facts,,,,,whislt our Government is run by padeos,,,,,,,lets get the fact out there,,,,,,

has anyone got figures please on how many children disappear each year,,,,,,,especially in Britain...........................
how many are taken into care......
how many disappear...............
who is suppose to monitor their existence....

where can we get these facts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
and where is the register of all those children,,,,,,
lets get the stats....

ok ,,i have much more to address but first lets get the numbers,,,,,,,,anyone....

Facebook thread I made

Christine Aphrodite's experience

'This is the sex trafficking ring that San Diego said never existed, despite Anna Garcia's investigation and all the evidence that I have turned in before my house was raided to cover up their lack of action. Well, that was before I realized the city was running the rings.
They tried to slander me, raid my house and steal my computers and videos to cover up the TRUE facts about what really happened in that canyon.
The area we discovered was owned mostly by DR Horton and Pardee Homes and they distribute their tomatoes to Whole Foods...
Funny how they wanted to arrest me for trespassing, yet the other 300-2000 people were okay to be there, live there, rape there...'

CPS Baby Snatcher explains why I have no communication with my daughters

It needs to be said that child protection is used by trafficking industries and is working with cult paedo networks,,,,not all workers are part of the industry,,,but when the cult wants your child those cult workers will do the job of getting your child.
Many parents are unknowing of this industry and so when the services deal with them, they dont know how it's played, and are open and honest,,,,,,easy prey,,,,,,,for their words and deeds will be twisted and turned against them,,,,,,,The workers will do their best to TRIGGER them into emotional reactions,,,,so they can say they are hostile etc,,,,this video shows how even when a parent is able to remain calm and articulate themselves ,still they are not listened to, so if any parent feels they failed in anyway to say the 'right' things,,,and say blames themselves for the lose of their children to the 'care' system,,they need to know they were set up and most likely isolated ,without support, so please dont blame yourselves,,,,
and I add it is not common purpose,,,,,as some want you to believe,,,,,this goes on in many countries,,,,,,it is a masonic cult run affair,,,practiced and perfected, with corruption going all the way up to the highest degree,,,,and needs exposing. But they infultrate any arena set up by those who fight for these children and parents rights, and distort it all so that no one can get heard.

Happy 10 anniversary D day to me

Hollywood and MKULTRA with Esoteric Kitten on TruthBrigade Radio

Why I'm not in radio anymore

Erasing Christie

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