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Have nothing to do with the  fruitless      deeds of darkness,
         but rather expose them.
                                                                                 Ephesians 5:11

My Dad would say he knew every trick in the book........he may or may not have, but for sure he didnt miss one,,,and well he taught me well,,,,,here he is performing his trick 'to show the hand is quicker than the eye..'...
So when I get played I ain't no dibby to #TheGame,,,,and like with any magic trick it's all about illusion, and well once the illusion has be shown for what it is,,,,it not longer has any effect,,,


When it came to the controling of him, by the folk in high places,,,,they operated him in pretty much the same way that they do me,,,they made his weakness Anger,,,and so could take him out by triggering it...with me,,,,I therefore learnt fast how this was his weakness and so learnt to suppress it,,,and wait my time.....He would say he was the best greyhound trainer in the world,,,and i believe he was,,,,,,but it was always like noone gave him the credit he deserved,,,,but instead,,,treat him less,,,but meanwhile kiss his butt ,,,,,cos well they wanted to be in the know.....he was also very good at discerment,,,who was going to win,,,,,they wanted his tips....i used to come with him to the races,,,,as a child,,,and would ask with excitement which dog he was going to back...he would say,,oh but if i tell you ,then you will tell everyone,,,,,so I would promise not to,,,,his friends would be so nice to me,,,and try to charm out of me his pick,,,,,but I wouldn't learnt instead #TheGame ,

The games are universal, so can be applied to any setting,,,He knew image was everything,,,so he dressed imaculate,,,,and modeled himself on the gangsters in the movies,,like James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart, even had a mirror with him on,,,to get angle right for his trilby,. And usually had young guys around him, learning from him,,,couldn't bear to be alone,,,,this guy with him isnt a gambler,,,but was a neighbour,,but he never kept friends long cos he was too rude, saying what he liked,,,cos he could,,,,well tillthey said bye,,,but still many returned cos he knew what would win,,

because he was so good at training,,,he had mastery over any race he was in...he could choose when to allow his dog to win.......he would slow them down for trials, to get them into low graded races,,,with slower dogs,,,people accused him of druging his dogs but he didn't...he slowede them down, held them back,,,,and worked behind the scene on pecking the ability, and gave them sausage meal,,,,which when mixed with water makes the dog feel full and heavy,,,,so run slower,,,when they were ready,,,,,and he had got the odds to his liking he would let the dog GO!
no food , raw energy,,,,and always he had full control of the board.....and so people had to groval to be in the know,,,,and because he didnt get the credit due ,,,,,he was right in some sense,,,,Wealthy folks wanted in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so would put up the money for him to buy any dogs he wished and build the best kennels in their grounds. But they were always greedy,,,,wanted him to train for them,,,but always watched him , to learn how and what,,,,with intent to at some point , when they had learnt it all,,,,get ride of him and be left with the best greyhounds and kennels and knowledge,,,,,,always same set he learnt fast not to teach them all , but let them think they had all ,,,,,then when the chosen day came,,they just trigger his anger,,,so easy,,,even i could do it,,,from small..then he would storm off,,,and task done,,,,but,,,,,,,course they wouldn't win and well he would have fortunes , he had made from cooes,,,,,,,,cos yes when he decided time to let the dog go!,,,,,he would strategically have men positioned at phone boxes near betting offices all across Britain,,and would sincronise with clocks and phone calls whenthey were to put large sums of money on,,,,,,,,and all did at same time,,,,so the large amount would yes have the betting office close any further betting on dog,,,but too late,,,when they told others they had closed to....and well they won,,Now obviously the Powers that be,,,who run the gambling industry,,,eg Jesuits......couldn't quite have this set up.....cos it's their board,,,not 'Doctors' he was jelousy and well in the gambling world they are a lot like little boys....hahhaa
So in greyhound racing then, they had 2 types of track....licenced and flapping. Licenced was favoured as you could get bigger bets on....but flapping served it's purpose.for you can use any name to call the dog there,,,no licence papers needed,,,so he could race them under different name,,,see how well they are doing,,,and if he hide himself well no one would know it was his he would wear a different hat, usually a cap...but cant find one at mo so I share him in his baseball cap...
but,,,,,he was know and recognised everywhere we went,,,so It was very hard,,,,and anything a bit 'Tasty' seen running and people would automatically start rumours it was his dog, even if it wasn't.......
So yes people looked out for him...
They brought in on the licencing board,,,,,any trainer who ran dogs at licenced tracks had to hold a licence,,,but quick time,,,they refused to give him one,,,,,,he asked why,,,,they said they didnt have to give answers.but you see in the gambling world,,,all worlds meet,,,,,from bottom of the barrel to Queen of the tops,,,,what ever you want ,,,can be got,,,so its like a meeting place for all walks of society,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so a barrister he know,,,,,,said he could take them to court,,,and force them to answer why,,,and well they didnt have any ligitimate reason to deny really,,,just wasn't on the board,,,,,,,really,,,,cos bit too good,,,,and well messes up the game,,,and the odds,,

,IT's my brain

My brain used

As a commodity to steer

No it don’t go so

I tell you here

The lord knew all your plans

and moves you’d choosek

Oh master of chess

your destined to loose

This piece

didn’t agree to play

your queen

won’t be check mated that way

I’ll throw the board up in the air

my games connect 4

and I play fair

got 3 in a row

multiplied by 10

It’s my move now

again and again

You created a monster

It’s your own fault

You messed with what’s not yours

And I can’t be bought

‘Everyone’s got a price’

What a load of shit

He who ever diggith the pit

Fall in it

I came to help

And that desire was abused

In natural law

You stand to loose

Whilst you felt in control

I was given all

But when I showed

Self governance

Then it was machavelli rule

Plans had to change

The script rearranged

For a loose cannon was free

From captivity

And fearless was she

Trying with tactics to hook

Some how in

But your disguise was to thin

So no way to win

You sent your slave in

To capture my soul

This was your goal

To show me that not all could be saved

But I got through each trap you laid

So now I’m sure your try anew

Tactic to stall

Mouthy Lou sharing tangents,,

it would have been peeking and no one knowing it's potential. he got as far as the semi final, then NGRC pounced,, and took the dog out of the compertition, because he was training it.The other time I recall,,,,was also The Furz,,,ahh yes this is how they stopped the Welsh Derby being won by him,,,,,,,he was training him,and racing him at Walthamstow Stadium, just down the road, Owned by The Chandlers , that is one of the family members at the back of this photo, but I dont know whos who, my sister will.

My Dad Thomas Richard Clarke was born 17 January 1924, and lived until 24 June 2016
He was the last child born to my Nan and Grandad.
He had 2 Sisters Rose and Ada and 3 brothers Harry, Bob and George.

Although I add that at the time of his birth she told the mid wife she felt there was another child inside. They dismissed her words and a month later a deceased baby was delivered.
He was an extremely naughty child and told of how she would tell him the wrong one died.
He was born in Beaumount Rd Leyton.
His father was a painter on the railway and my Nan a money lender, and run loan club during the war. Buying products from Petticoat lane and selling on the weekly.
His first day at school, my Nan took him, but found him waiting outside the house when she got home. He didn't care for education.
His best friend was 'Pepper' I will add a photo below and continue my recall of his life.

back to #TheGame

The day came for the coe,,,,,,,,,he hand money on everywhere,,,,,,and well it wasn't his business as such, but he could play,,,,for he was the trainer,,but the owners,,well they were stock brokers and property developers,,,,,,even the Chandlers are property developers,
any how the coe,,,,,money everywhere,,,,the night came,,,but when my dad reached the track gates,,,there wee posters everywher saying that Doctor was the real trainer of the Furz and so was banned from running,Getting too much inteference as I try to make this blog, positioning photos,,,so I will take this blog to my website,,,,but until then,,,this is #TheGame so far.......

Hotteling's Location Model (as taught by the Marx Bros)

first part of #Thegame distract,,,,,'s_law

Focus attention on other,,,,,,any other

hang a corrot on a stick,,,,,,,,


                    A Day at the Races 1937

Jesuits Have Seized The White House.

William Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse - 1 of 5 (Complete Audio Book) yes it's long but worth it,,,,at around 2 hours 10 he explains #TheGame and out of all the videos covered on my Alien blog,,,his is covered the most,,,,,,cos he is the real deal....

Chuck Missler Return Of The Nephilim, UFO's, Aliens & Bible

updated my Alien blog , with how to deal with occult attacks, demons and Jinns

the videos I suggest you download , for they are forever hiding and removing them, hence they put plasters over them on my blog , which I leave to use as an indicator as to how much they don't want the video seen,,,,
For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.
Colossians 1:16

my blog called Are there Aliens



The Game by this title I started on bolgspot,but the players their , play distract and Carrot and Stick, moving my images around , plus rearranging the order of my videos as I try to place them, so I left it and came here to continue, but also show how they obstruct etc


Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather    expose them.
                                                                                 Ephesians 5:11

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