Stop using Crack/Cocaine and Reclaim Your Life

Louise Clarke presenting 'stop using crack cocaine and reclaim your life' in paperback & kindle

Part 1 'Stop Using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life', the recovery process revised

Part 2 'Stop using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life' ; Crack/Cocaine and the brain


Part 3 'Stop using crack/cocaine and reclaim your life', Medical aspects

How To deal with Occult attack including Demons & Jinns: Part 1 & 2 including Allah not Solomon

The 5 stages of recovery from Cocaine and Crack addiction

Chinese herbs: 'Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan' for Detoxing, & Cold turkey from any drug

Fire on Babylon: Crack Alters are activated in un-ruley MK Ultra Slaves

How to deal with Drug induced Psychosis

Locked down, locked up illusions of being drug free, especially Cocaine and Crack users

Stop using Crack and heal your lungs

How to deal with cravings, what ever they are for #Reclaimyourlife #breakeverychain #setyourselffree

How to help someone stop using Crack /Cocaine and other drugs of addiction