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Sedexo's Bronzefield prison, failings regarding Women Crack/Drug users, my offer of solutions

He told the Sunday People: 'Police and ambulance crews are regularly called out there. You really have to look at the staffing and funding there.

'When Sodexo took over two years ago they reduced staffing by a third.'

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Living it up behind bars: Inmates binge on alcohol and drugs during a cell-party in a shocking video

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Beautiful Sentence [CSD]
C.S.D NewsSurrey NewsCourts

Bronzefield prison lesbian couple lose court appeal over 'separate cells sex ban'

'Cruel, inhumane and degrading': Female prisoner kept segregated in 'squalid' cell for five years

Inspector discovered case during unannounced visit to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey

Inspectorates report

Women and Crack : Responding to need

Women and Crack : Responding to need
( for service/treatment providers)

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help for cocaine & crack users psychiatry wards full, with queues books are there to help yourself

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