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My other site

I have previously created 2 other websites. 
The first was, which due to my not being able to get in, was closed down after 6 months, as this was the terms and conditions, if not used within that time. It was a free web service was recieving many views per day.

I then recreated at; another free site but as you see in the video here some how I was not able to edit my work and so due to constant interference of this nature I stopped trying and instead turned my attention to other projects.
The free website only allows a small limited image upload, so I therefore created sites 1, 2,3, and 4 and so on, one for each topic area.
They still remain, although currently as I build this page my publications site,
higherinsight8 states

We're sorry, this site is frozen.

If you are the site owner, please click here to contact us regarding the status of your website.
I have now contacted and await their response (3/3/16).


I would like to add that I did enquire with people I know,  who understand hacking etc, as to how this is done and was told that some have access through like the backdoor , so to speak and it meant they were actually online in my site at I attempted to try and do things. This interference also occurs with most websites I have to sign into (In google blogspot  I encounter the same problem, plus they add 'plasters' over my videos) and changing my password does not rectify the matter, as they are not entering via the same route as myself but via authority given by the site, albeit they may not be doing it with permission from anyone legitimately.

I explain more how this is done in this video on the right.

ps, I have got round the matter here in this site I believe because I have not yet published this site as I type, therefore they most likely don't know I'm here yet.

Today 17 May 2016...I recently purchased my previous domain name; this site.

but was preparing a foundation for this site, thus did not join the domain.

I received a recent email response from stating they will return my site.

So all pages should be obtainable to all now.


The site is made up of 9 seperate section topics

with each numbered and joining via their individual home pages.

Here are buttons linking to each site/section is currently frozen, it says...
'‘Your account is currently frozen for violating our terms of service’

I am currently trying to find out why; it maybe a copyright issue, but most articles are written by me so I will learn in good time. (today 15/3/16)
It has taken until today to sign in, and now I learnt they have new rule, that if you don't sign in for one year they freeze the account. Thus old accounts held by other people have been closed.

I therefore advise that anyone who has a website with them sign in prompt.

The publications posted on this section of the site can be found elsewhere on the net. Here are links to the related publications.

British Psychological Society(BPS) click to visit link to

The articles below can be found on my facebook page

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Media I speak in

Community Care magazine

the link to the website page
Used to hold the article but seems to have been removed. So here is my scaned copy of...

click here for  my facebook page  with.Community care mag plus those mentioned below

More magazine
19 magazine
Gaurdian newspaper

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