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Insight into Darkness Poetic Truth is an expression of some of the darkest aspects of our world. The poetic framework serves as a safety valve for the author to express some of their deepest pains through on topics of Government Mind Control, MK Ultra and the inpact it has had on hers and other survivors lifes.
Many of these poems were firstly presented online, under the same name title; where they were recieved very well by the public and consequently led to the publication of this book.

The author herself is a survivor of Government Mind Control programming, who pioneered and led development of services in Britain for Crack Cocaine users. Through setting up her own independent Drug service 'Higher Insight', she encountered much interference and obstruction and come to learn of Trauma based Mind Control, Gang stalking and Occult practices used in conjunction with to maintain control of all programmed individuals.

Insight into Darkness: Poetic Truth

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