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This book is the result of working 20 years intensely with Crack/Cocaine users. I pioneered the first service for Women Crack/Cocaine users in Britain, therefore gained most of my knowledge from my experience of working with my clients. I started in the voluntary sector then set up my own independent service ‘Higher Insight’ self funded via providing training to other professionals who work with Crack/Cocaine users. I identified 7 types of users and that the recovery process takes 2 years and goes through 5 stages. I have written this book primarily for the users themselves, but also believe it will aid friends, family and Professionals concerned with helping Crack/Cocaine users. Louise Clarke Bsc (Hons) Psychology

Stop using Crack/cocaine and reclaim your life

  • 'Really helpful I would recommend it to anyone with a cocaine or crack problem or even for people that want to understand it better. Straight forward and insightful. I've seen the you tube videos as well and the author is sincere in wanting to help people. She knows her stuff!'
    Source customer review

    Very well written and easy to relate to. Lots of information. I am not the addict but the girlfriend of the addict. He is currently in rehab and he read a few pages of it and liked it. This book will help the addict and the loved ones.
    Source customer review

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