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ouise Clarke, B.Sc.(Hons) Psychology, has been working with women crack users since 1991 and gained national recognition as a leader in the field. She pioneered the development of treatment programmes for women crack users at Newham Drugs Advice Project, and now provides consultancy on appropriate services for crack users across the UK. This publication was produced in 2000 to aid the one days training on 'Women and Crack: responding to need' - provided by Higher Insight, a unique training service for professionals in contact with women users of crack-cocaine. The training provided genuine insight into the realities faced by women using crack and practical strategies for an effective response. Over 50% of crack users attending the services were women - a much lager percentage than for other drugs. A very high proportion were mothers. To create appropriate policies for care plans, service providers need to understand the nature of crack addiction, and its impact on all aspects of women’

Women and Crack: Responing to need

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