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Updated: May 27, 2020

There are different marks left on my body. Im not sure what devises are used, sometimes I assume tazers, sometimes finger prints , sometimes stun guns. The one I found this Monday morning was I assume some sort of tazer, this shape is common. The bruise has no pain sensation, I assume because it is electricallly caused, as opposed the the finger prints I often find, they feel like bruises, which I add must be from tight holds as I don't really bruise so badly when I knock myself. Also in the video you can see above the bruise is a small dot, I usually find these on my stomach where I believe I receive some sort of injection. If the dot showing here is a jab it will raise up like a pimple and be pickable within a couple of days. Many people who are identifying as MK ultra or TI's may find they experience the same sort of markings, so hopefully my posting on will help them, and also show record of it happening to me. Update 22 May 2020 I videoed what I believe to be needle marks I get when accessed. I found it yesterday morning, but I am not sure when or where it was done,,,either in the night or whilst out on Wednesday.

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