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Doing the Maths

i Showed you previously that I had swelling in my legs and then through reducing my sugar intake as much as I could I see drastic changes,, less stiffness

less burning feelings

more range of movement

Knee swelling reduced after 8 years


but then continued to be tazered

on my legs

(second attempt)Tazer mark I found yesterday morning prior my phone appointment with my Neurologist

and also had bruising to my ankle

Doing the maths leg swelling reduced body marks found that hinder progress= TI/MK Ultra which then went on to create pain in my hip,,,,

Doing the maths :Right hip issues and marks found that hinder progress= TI/MK Ultra So I have had to stay as safe as possible whilst living a life,,, so on a nice note I share with you my home lights too

my home lights

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