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Health update

Updated: 16 hours ago

Long time I haven’t written but I have been working very hard to improve my health.

I started oxygen therapy a few months back and I am having brilliant results.

I will try to break them down here.

Brain fog

I had been experiencing brain fog for a while and didn’t know why, but it was becoming increasingly harder and harder to focus and concentrate. My double vision wasn’t helping, that was causing me to feel very tired whenever I tried to focus and read.

Instantly will oxygen therapy I experienced the fog firstly clear whilst having oxygen but soon after I was able to concentrate very well when not having it. Now with repeated therapy my brain is firing on all 4 cylinders. Razor sharp.

Physical strength

Also I have become stronger physically in my core and also my legs. I was previously struggling to walk as my legs felt so heavy and tired. Now they are stronger for longer and take longer to tire. I still have a spasticity that occurs when I walk but only when I tire or try to walk faster. I do still walk very slow but I have improved.

Eye site

My eyes are tested each year and deteriorate every year, but this week I had my eyes tested and they have reverted back to how they were in 2022. Still have double vision but the optician is going to put the prism in the lens, as opposed to me normally having to stick on the cut out prism with lines.


My recent blood test showed that my thyroid levels are fine so today I reduced my dose even further to only 25 mgs . It was 100mgs which I have been reducing in 25 mgs increments, now down to the last. I believe the oxygen has healed my body from inside.

Torn tendons

The torn tendons in the backs of my knee are healed and haven’t torn again this year. My legs have drastically changed shape. In fact my whole body has changed shape since having oxygen. All swelling is disappearing.

Outside Oxygen

24 feet dive

Blood results from May 2024


My sleep has also improved. Whereas prior to oxygen therapy I awoke many times throughout the night and needed to rush to the toilet, I quickly found myself sleeping through the night and when I did wake up I didn’t need to rush to the toilet as my core became stronger.

What is not fixed

Hip flexor

When tested by the physiotherapist at my new drs I couldn’t lift my knee up in sitting position, when he held it down. Both leg’s but left is weaker. He referred me on to the msk team but they referred me back to obtain more info.

I am awaiting my first appointment with them.

Climbing stairs is very hard work and a struggle. Therefore I am limited in how much I can go out dependant on how much strength I have. Coming down can be hard too when my knee limits my range of movement, making it that I am unable to bend it enough to manuver the action required. When this occurs I have to go down sideways and if tendons are torn I have to slide down the stairs.

It appears that activity to strengthen the muscles is not helping, but it may be a neurological issue causing it.

Ms hug

I recently learned of ms hug and that helped me understand why for years I have been experiencing tightness around my ribs. I could not understand why it was happening and put it down to anxiety, even though I don’t feel anxious I assumed I must be anxious without awareness. Therefore I tried breathing techniques to try to resolve but only fell to sleep and didn’t really feel any benefit from.

Since learning of ms hug I am understanding it as a neurological issue. I come to learn that by wearing a rib support; created for broken ribs, actually helps me stay upright longer. It seems to give some bio feedback to my brain to become aware of my muscles and enables me to breath better and more deeply.

It also helps me with my lower back instability. Previously the tightness in my ribs I was assuming sometimes happened because my torso is weak and the lower back struggles to hold me up, I believed therefore the ribs were tightening in an attempt to compensate for the weakness and hold me up. Therefore I was unable to stay upright for long when this occurred. I gradually become too weak to hold myself up and need to lay down. Sitting isn’t an option.

Now with understanding of ms hugs and the use of the rib support I am able to stay upright for longer.

Instability in lower spine

The instability in my lower spine still exists and is often the first body issue to stop me doing more with my time upright.


Fatigue is still a major issue although much improved by having oxygen. But is a major contributor to the weakness in my lower back.

Body jerks which I now found the medical term for, although currently don’t recall , have continued much the same, and also tiredness

Is very connected to. In that if I do too much my body will jolt repeatedly and rest will be needed for the body to calm down.

Continuing on Thursday 13 June 2024

Another issue is after activity the leg muscles tend to seize up. They become tight and stiff.

I have learnt that sometimes if I stretch the muscles I can resolve it but if the muscles become tired I can’t resolve the weakness and stiffness. The spasticity seems to be related to how fast I try to walk, whereas the weakness/ stiffness can either tie in with the spasticity or with muscle fatigue. With the muscle fatigue I have to rest for the muscles to recover.

Oxygen does improve the recovery time needed. After oxygen I may find recovery from the muscle fatigue but it does not last longer; more like it gives me a little boost.

I am now currently having a break from having oxygen as I have had quite a lot and intense; 5 days a week. A consequence of this has been that my vocal cords are maybe drying out from it. I have developed a croak. It is effecting my singing range; giving me a raspy sound and preventing me from holding high notes. Along with this I have had issues with my ear pressure, in the diving tank which I initially fixed with ear drops , but it returned needing me to use drops again. This is indicating the eustachian tube are having issue with the pressure; although this started last week along with a stickiness in my chest , sneezing and a feeling of a virus in my body. So I decided to take a break from oxygen and healed the virus.

I will return to oxygen therapy when my vocal cords are normal or if I start experiencing brain fog or fatigue as before. It will be good to see how long I can go without oxygen and what will happen meanwhile, for I have learnt that the oxygen stimulates stem cells to grow and even after stopping oxygen therapy they continue to grow.

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