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Here's the thing: The great cover up

here's the thing

Because I am programmed with many mes, some know things that other me's don't. Those things known are shared with me but I often therefore don't have evidence of but KNOW they are correct, so trust what they say. But for those people who need evidence, I don't have it. although some is obtainable if you know where to look, but that for me is time and energy to search for. The info will be somewhere on the net or someone else will know. If I hold back until I can prove I may never speak out. So I decided to say things here and you decide what you want.

The Cover up: Denial of DID since forever til now

Psychology knew it occurred for sure but labeled signs of as everything other. Psychology as a Science is only about 200 years old. maybe even less. Yet the psychology proffessionals go on like they know. Its the same for Dr's : when they don't. Not really as it is far more complex than they would like. I did Psychology as a science degree, recieved my BSc (Hons) in 1989. Thus I am a psychologist but after finishing I didn't know everything. Far from it, but once I had it the public thought I did. Like as soon as I said I was a psychologist people changed. Became catious thinking I am studying them and knew so much more than I did.

Those that govern media Psychology are now throwing out crumbs to the public like narcism and cognitive dissonace which was just a tiny topic we studied as a product of mental conflict. They put them out like they explain everything but they don't. But because people are kept in the dark on what is really going on they see how they can make sense of things and think that's it. But its just like a cover to hide the bigger picture, keep the public thinking they know now. The truth is not said and that is the Tavistock funded by the Rockerfellows since

I think 1912 or 1914 , was set up the to study and control the mass through trauma.

here is a book by them

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations 5h38m audiobook, with chapters & notes

There are Tavistock think tanks for many things. In the beginning they used a psychologist/media? guy called Edward Bernays ,i think he is related to Freud,,,used suffrogetes to get women to having a group of rich women smoke at a sufrogette rally so they could be photograghed by the press....and it worked,,,women wanted to relate to them,,,so smoked,,,,see back then they knew what they were playing at and that was the beginning,

They are behind the trauma based mind control/Government based mind control. They design the way society is to perceive - like they would have been behind the pandemic. And will study the public's response to, in order to ultimately have total control of.

They were the folks that programmed me as a child , I beleive it was called the Tavistock centre. not sure, but I recognised it straight away years later , just off Finchley rd, London....near Freuds house and the whole remit of Psychoanalytic folk. It is like a geometric block , like i feel 70s design but cant be ,,for I recall my Mum taking me there. maybe aged 6/7/8 not sure.. I was 'out of control' , school would say so ,,,I was also in various hospitals from 18 months old until about 4 I was told. I think it also included childrens homes, but thats like inside feelings regarding, not recall. That aspect is more to do with my fight to save those that couldn't , can't. Hence here I am.

The Tavistock is behind the diagnosis system in mental health. They make up the labels for people who don't fit into the tailored box of 'Normality'.

They will be behind media, deciding what is and what is not fake news.

They now want to introduce DID in UK , like recognise 'properly' I think the new batman movie,or some mind controled superhero ends up being DID. Funny that.

You must ask why?

After all these years , of forever....not seeing

Well I will tell you why. It is because these labels are created to cover what really is going on in the world of trafficking.

Trafficking is more sinister than you can ever imaging. And it is not only done in the ways they show through the mediums they have now. NO , again it is like the DID cover up, the trafficking remained hidden and unspoken of for so long. But now the media has decided to cover . But yes , it's to cover up again,,,,the real big hidden trafficking done by the use of people with DID or created mind control slaves. These people unknowingly are used to traffick anything; children , adults drugs and arms etc. It is through the use of disassociation , which has been know about from the beginning of time , for sure but remained hidden knowledge to a select few, sworn to secrecy. They have used and abused it, studied it hard in two world wars and now in this sarger of history.

There are genetic predispostions to create an alternative personality in order to cope with extremely threatening situation and with enough trauma they can control how to switch someone in and out of. plus create multiple person within someone, each having different tasks.

They can create an amnesic wall so the person doesn't know what the other self(s) has encountered. This is DID , although yes in psychology they don't acknowledge the hidden Tavistock programming and abuse happens. They don't actual know, and those that do don't say as it will fall on deaf ears, as I have learnt.

The whole child trafficking industry connected to Child protection Services is hidden, and remains untouchable.

I reported to all at top and it fell on deaf ears. Like other peoples sharing on.

People who become aware of their hidden alternative personality have continued to be wrongly diagnosed with all types of mental illness; which in truth they are not mentally ill as such, but the amnesic wall is breaking down between their alters and extreme abuse has been carried out to put the walls there. Therefore they may need support to process this trauma but the understanding of what is happening is what they also need.

But now I say they are ready to share with you. the masses , so expect to be changing your views on. But they will only steer your minds to understand it as a mental health diagnosis/explaination for peoples life experience. whilst still covering up the trafficking worldwide of everything.

This is nothing new , it has gone on for time but because of who is involved in the trafficking it isn't allowed to come to public knowledge and those like myself who try to bring to light are punished. but so are those trafficked. So I speak out for them , as they have no voice. I share my knowledge and experience with you, because I have a voice and silence equal death. for many.

So thank you for taking the time out to read, I hope to be adding more but for now this is my words of the day.


The thing is we are like in a egg timer as the rulers plan to force us through their thinking program and impose digital id on us,,,,starting soon in Canada so I feel the urgency to speak out whilst I can.

Quebec: Testing Ground for Social Credit 2.0

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