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Housing needs addressed

Help with Housing 9 July 2024

Arrived 2.30 pm

No one available to speak with, as ‘ receptionist’ on a course, online at desk. So she said she couldn’t help me. 3 staff at their desks one on a break.

Security came and helped. Said I need to wait until someone is free. No number system so 7 people in front of me.

I will wait, brought my coffee from Greggs .

I came here over 3 weeks ago to bring the documentation to show my NEED for help.

I went to see if I could get social housing on the 7 June 2024. Took in the medical documentation I had. Although I see neurologists and Orthomologists , they rarely write any reports.

The most recent evidence therefore of me seeing a neurologist is a report written by a colleague of my regular neurologist. He I was sent to by her as my jerks had startled to occur even when walking as opposed to what has become normal for me; jolting when I stop walking.

He failed though to observe my walking in any direct manner. I was using a stick when I came into his room and only was asked to walk across the room to lay on the examination table. Although I challenged a lot of what he wrote in the report after seeing it, he didn’t change it but informed me he would add my email to the files.

I therefore gave the report to be copied albeit not agreeing with what was written.

I also gave a letter sent to my previous gp of November 2023 by my chiolpractor . Noting her observations of my nerve issues.

Additional to this I gave the mri scan report on my left knee tendon tearing.

Plus the letter regarding my up and coming phone consultation with my regular neurologist.

Plus the letter for my recent eye examinations done at kings London . Which I am currently awaiting a consultant to view, I recently called and asked regarding and they said no one has looked at yet , so booked in a time for my tests to be viewed by a consultant on the 9 July 2024; the earliest available appointment.

I therefore submitted my recent eye test results to show that prisms are prescribed for my glasses.

I need the social housing as where I currently live I have to climb 4/5 flights of stairs and I find this a struggle to do, consequently I have to limit myself on my daily activities based on having to climb the stairs. Also I can have difficulty in using them when I experience the tearing of tendons or when my knees won’t bend. I have to slide down the stairs in a sitting position and therefore the fire safety issues are large for my capacity to get out of the building is not good enough.

I therefore would prefer to live somewhere accessible and allowing me more freedom of my daily choices.

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