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My long awaiting for my #MSK appointment

Msk appointment update

I am still awaiting my initial appointment with the msk team which I was referred for back in November 2023.

Since then I changed GPS as the one I saw and whom was to make the referral failed to do so. For after waiting for an appointment and contacting them regarding they informed me that the referral had never been made. The gp surgery said it was a administrative error and so another referral was made, but on further investigation I learnt that the gp had ask for a routine investigation into my walking issues and therefore I was put on the long waiting time, even though my leg was severely injured with many tendons torn and much swelling around my knee. All which was expressed to the gp.

I feeling that she would never help me back in November 2023, so decided I would pay privately for a mri scan of my knee, and that is how I learnt of the tendon tears , which I would have never of had evidence of otherwise. The scan was done on 12 January 2024 and the report described the severity of the tears.

By this time I had changed my gp and asked for the report to be sent to them . But twists and turns of things resulted in my registration not being accepted. I therefore sought another gp surgery and they informed me that my files since 2020 were absent so all records of my scan and leg issues were gone.

The new gp surgery said they had a msk physiotherapist in-house I could see so I did, on the 28 March 2024. but they examined me and said they were referred me to the msk team. This they did and more time past , then the msk team said they needed more information and so I needed to visit the physiotherapist at my gp surgery again for more examinations . My hip flexor on both sides is not happening and so he sent the information to them again. Time past and I received a couple of letters saying how they were going to send me an appointment. One on 2 May 2024

And another on 9 May 2024

Note it has got hospital number but no #NHS

but still none appointment has been forthcoming.

Today being 10July 2024

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