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Swollen knees

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I have had a problem with swollen knees for several years now, but no explaination of why, nor even recognition of by the medical profession. So I work to help myself This video as taken 23 January 2020

I then took Milk Thistle tablets from a health shop for one month. Here is my knees on 29 February 2020

I then took water tablets ; now for over 2 months. I made a video of yesterday 12 May 2020

I will now stop using water tablets This is 25 May 2020 swollen aching and stiff so I started taking water tablets again to help

Right Knee

Video from Sunday 24 May , 12 days after ceasing use of water tablets. So I started again. Left knee

Update breakthrough date 12 August 2020 Knee swelling reduced after 8 years

Knee swelling reduced after 8 years here also is the blog I started in 2014 to try to recieve some help... this is the first ever page,,please note blogspot works backwards,,,so go to bottom of pages first for correct chronological order

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