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I live my life in a tiny shoe box. I like it loads and am grateful that I have a home of safety; albeit not free from gas lighting games, things of mine coming and going. Some never returning. I am in a over powered position on the Matrix framework, me one against the Powers that be....those who create the board for us to live our lives on a selected square..Chess with real folk,,,so yes best be grateful that God had plans beyond their plans to keep me homeless and got me this home, when the betting odds were against me were not in my favor....any how I have now managed to reach a point where I can create more space for myself, that is cheaper than a larger home,or extra room, a little van,,,,the cheapest I could find, with MOT.....and here she is,,,,she was already named, Isobel....and yes I love my extention,,,,yes I do.

i got her in November...and she had a damp issue...and so started to create mold. So I insulated her....with a roll i pay £15 for last year. ....foil insulating roll, .it serves 2 functions. to create a barrier between the cold metal and the warmth inside the van.....thus creating a barrier....but also doubles up as a barrier ,,,somewhat//// between you and electronic weaponary.

Yeah Yeah

Cheap but does a good job....

but parked on a hill....didnt help///

The were holes in the roof////

and so puddle formed in the floor of the passenger and driver seat floor of the van.

So I fixed the holes....

still am....but it no longer leaks to the floor...and stays long as i air it... #Freedom

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