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Introducing 2 New ebooks :to help Stop using #Cocaine or #Crack. #Make2023Great #NoExcuses

update for stimulant users

I have now uploaded the ebooks to help Cocaine and also Crack users stop using,

They are published on Amazon, where you can also purchase paperback copies of both books. How to stop using Cocaine and Reclaim Your life Kindle Edition

Stop using Crack/Cocaine and reclaim your life Kindle Edition

I created this video regarding the books.

, I have also added to my vimeo site for those who prefer not to use youtub

and have added to the related pages on my website here. How to stop using Cocaine and reclaim your life

Stop using Crack/Cocaine and Reclaim Your Life

Note also that more information is still available on my other website

This I add was no easy task as due to much interference, gas lighting etc, all files related to both books were no longer accessable on any of my 3 computers, nor any of my chips/USB sticks. All data had been tampered with. Therefore those whom carry out these illegal operations must have felt confident that there would be no ebooks. Which I add I had written down as part of my plans and intent.

But by the grace of God I recalled giving the book in an email to someone, before any book was published so was able to retreive the file for the Crack book, but without the front cover. I therefore searched for the front cover image and again found it to be removed from all devises. BUt ...... I had forgotten that after publishing the Cocaine book I had put a chip with the file on in a bag to try to cover that possible eventuality and when I found it, I found the Cocaine book in tact along with front cover images. The video was only uploaded a couple of days ago , yet already the links in the description no longer work, so I will need to change, Therefore if the links I have added above no longer work when you read this , type the title of your choice into Amazon and it should come up.

Therefore these books were destined to be.

I hope you all have success in this New year 2023.

May you be who you were destined to be. Reclaim your life now. No excuses.

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Sarah Swinney
Sarah Swinney
Oct 30, 2023

Am pure obsessed with this book it’s the first book that’s pure honest and actually right about the symptoms of crack i class myself as intelligent and it taught me stuff I didn’t know. Love it

Louise Clarke
Louise Clarke
2 days ago
Replying to

Thank you I only just discovered your comment. Best regards

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