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The Making of Angels and Monkeys

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

I previously created the Monkey from self drying clay, created a mold and then candles . Followed by the same procedure to create Angels. Due to the delicateness of their wings I found many broke. I have resolves the matter somewhat by creating models with plaster of Paris . I have uploaded videos of the creation of the models to vimeo but there are currently issues with interference . Firstly with vimeo setting not being in my control. but also I am finding here, in my website, with wix , the provider, for I have uploaded to here now but still experiencing obstruction. So this is my best I can get so far,

The Making of Angels and Monkeys :part 2 mixing the plaster of Paris

The Making of Angels and Monkeys :Birthing from mould's

The final video from me, singing 'Angels' by Robbie Williams' changed a word or two .

(No copyright infringement intended)

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