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Freedom of speech

Updated: May 13, 2020

I am going to try to post a blog from my website, rather than wasting anymore time trying to upload to facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. I experience so much interference when I try with these sites; posts don't arrive, notifications are selective and blocked, thus my communication with others is rendered impossible and therefore my output and interactions resultantly are missleading. Shadow banning is the given name for this method of control. The purpose is to neutralise and ultimately silence. Meanwhile the data can and is collected and used against oneself. And with these new bills that dictate and take away our human rights to be human, giving no recourse to campaign or show objection to I feel it to be not safe to freely speak what is on my mind, for all I know, with the current daily changing of laws on my rights , contradicting on many avenues I could be breaking a law writing my blog, it's become impossible to know what is legal any longer, so im going to be ME. It sure is looking very ugly, so Im hoping that through my website here I can speak freely and opening and share with you all a window to my world. I currently am very orientated to planting and so have 3 , well 4 projects on the go..,,, My indoor allotment My front car park My back garden The Church

See the orbs The Church was becoming over grown due to lock down, so I have started making it better

Finished the lawn for the church. Although I must add a nice guy came to my aid, with a petrol mower and that was a God send for sure....

Today I saw a note tied to the bush at the church

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